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Personalised gifts without the hassle.


Festive Folks

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Website Develop, UX-UI Consultant

01At the glance

Festive Folks was founded in 2017 with the mission of ridding the world of mediocre gifts. We create easily customizable illustrated goodies that won’t break the bank.


This is not the first time we work with client from Singapore, but this is the very first time Đom Đóm Studio builds a website with an artist. We bring our experience, newest world trends combinate with cute things but professional style, finesse but not simple. Not only the designes, the website has many animations as well as functions for customers can design invitations so this is war of nerves definitely.


The project took more time than we have expected, but the journey was so interesting as same as was driving us crazy. As you could see, the homepage has many characters, we couldn't remember how many drafts has been sent between Singapore and Vietnam to have the final concept. After we established design function we did trial run, found and fixed mistakes, every single detail was focused to make sure that we could bring the best experience for customer. Before launching, the Festive Folks owner laughed and said to us: "If you were our customer and designed these invitations, I could earn an immense amount of money."


Festive Folks Website represents perfectly the fusion of an artist and web builder. The art of being unique!

Natalie | Festive Folks Owner

Before Festive Folks launches today.. I just want to say thank you for working with me on this journey. It was a new experience for me to be working with developers and I am very lucky you and your team are so hardworking and talented. If not for you, my website will just be an idea and a dream... I know it took a longer time than expected but I’m very grateful for your patience :)