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What we do

eCommerce, Admin System, Social Network, Conceptualization, UX, Visual Design, Responsive Design & Development



01At a glance

Dreamplex - the only beautifully designed coworking space for real start up entrepreneurs, creatives, consultants and investors to work collaboratively or privately right in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.​

02The Challenge

Mobile friendly, of course; Dreamplex membership subscription, conference room booking, Dreamplex member networking Dreamplex Passport... must be an automatic operation system, this is the most challenge. "So you wanna on the ring?" Dreamplex Marketing Director said. "Yes, with pleasure, Sir" is our reply.


  1. 1st round: Working with Marketing Director for general and marketing request.
  2. 2nd round: Meeting with the CEO for business inqury.
  3. 3nd round: Hanging out Operation team, IT team for user flow, system and server
  4. 4th round: A lot of mind map, wireframes and prototypes.
  5. 5th round: Visual Design
  6. ------- We catch breath.


An easy to use booking and social platform, beautiful and functional.

Jason Dương | Lead Operation Team

"We have partnered with Đom Đóm in multiple initiatives. Đom Đóm team is reliable and has always met our delivery deadlines"