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azhome is fully personalized condo decor lets you fill your space with design you love. You'll see your home in details, also can customize each corner in your condo as the way you want.  azhome also synchronize your account that allows you to manage the progress of construction until your condo is complete. So, it's a revolution of condo's design and build.


We wanna help azhome visualize how the app works at the first screen, that we could help user could understand how it works through one image with animation and interactive. And the most challenging is mobile first design. You can imagine it, a lot of furniture elements combines with interactive. YUP! that is it!


We do 3D models in 3Dmax to visualize how user could customize their living room in the app. Then compose coding how the site could work in mobile and desktop also, that's really hard because of layers has to appear exactly where it should be in each version of devices.  


We archived Honorable Mention Award at that recognize our effort invented in creation

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