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What we do

UI/ UX Design, Visual Design, Mobile App Develope



01At a glance

​This app aims at making Vietnam more closer by giving people the opportunity to stay in unique properties that are managed by verified and hospitable hosts. Plan a trip to anywhere browse through various types of accommodations and stay the local way!

02The Challenge

​1st is the app must be free, 2nd is everyone can use it, especially housewives (househusband, of course). They can spare their free time to manage their property for more income. Thus, UI/UX, user flow must be easy to use, check their profiles, book room or clearly and simple report.


​We started from Appstore, studying AirBnB and re-designing the users flows and interactions. We decided that this app should design based on Google Design guidelines, so everyone and devicescould be used. Our first user is the product team. They have a lot of things and matters when each prototype came out. When we were working with a client with full passions, we were very happy and learnt a lot from them.


​The App still On Going. See you in June!