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01At a glance

​Illustration has many applications. Our illustration service enables us to work for clients on book covers, websites, magazines, and creating CGi’s for property. At Đom Đóm Studio, We focus on Character Design, llustration for Video Game Art, Book Illustration, Illustrated Branding, Illustration for Websites & Digital Mediums

02Character Design

​Inventing characters that are for business is one of the best ways we like to spend our days. Take a look at some our illustrations here then pick up the phone and let us get to work creating you a unique illustration for your website, book, blog, or business.

03Branding illustration

​Branding is quite possibly the most important part of any design projects, as it is the first element that people really see and the one that you need them to remember.  Your brand has to communicate both your character as much as your service, so the tone, style and application of your brand is vitally important to get right.